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Nowadays launching a website is easier and faster than ever. By 2012 almost two websites were launched every second [1]. Overwhelming, isn’t it? The key question to ask is how many are good, well-thought-out, user-friendly and oriented to generating conversion, to competing or to staying relevant for several years? Probably that number is going to […]

Simon on Jul 23rd, 2015

Nowadays we can see an increase of startups, it’s as if everyday there is a new idea waiting to become a project. This is definitely true but what is the backbone of a startup? Is it the team? The idea? Or is something else way more important? An idea is only that until someone is […]

Simon on Jul 16th, 2015

Whether going to a business meeting or going out on a date, the first detail people will notice is your outfit. Have you heard of “the first impression is the one that counts“? Same principle applies to your website design. New trends in web design are showing larger and larger images with awesome resolution. Such […]

Simon on Jul 9th, 2015

Nowadays if you are browsing through the internet you will find that being on the first pages of search engines is the most important thing an owner of a site can achieve. Let me start right away by saying that this concept is absolutely false! And here is my justification. If you go to a […]

Simon on Jul 2nd, 2015

Writing about Usability and User Experience (UX) in web design is explaining the process of studying the habits and reactions of the users and how to convert those patterns in conversions and gaining a recurrent costumer. After all, how are you going to sell a product which cannot be sold by it self? A good […]

Simon on Jun 24th, 2015

A person who definitely understood the meaning of User experience was Walt Disney and you can see it in how his parks are designed so meticulously in every detail to create an atmosphere for visitors to feel at home. Web design based on User Experience (UX) understands how a person behaves, and adapts an environment to […]

Simon on Jun 18th, 2015

You have surely heard a lot about web design based on Usability and how you should manage it because it’s the ultimate thing to do in your website. Many companies/people offer the service and a lot more don’t, but what is all that buzz about Usability? What if I tell you that IKEA applies web […]

Simon on Jun 9th, 2015

Tarful is on Dribbble too! For those that doesn’t know it yet, Dribbble (yes, with triple “b”) is a community for designers: a place to promote, discover and explore designs, a perfect tool to express your creativity. Web designers, icon artists, illustrators, interface designers, typographers, and all kinds of creative minds are dribbbling new projects each day. For […]

Sal on Apr 28th, 2015

Una forma de ver el resultado que hemos logrado en recientes proyectos, es que seguimos recibiendo excelentes referencias de nuestros increíbles clientes a nuevos y más retadores proyectos… y eso, son buenas noticias! Siguiendo nuestro enfoque principal de tener un excelente equipo de trabajo con el que afrontar retadores e interesantes proyectos, es tiempo de abrir nuevos perfiles […]

Sal on Apr 17th, 2015

Internet y sobretodo HTTP es mucho más que sólo un protocolo, personalmente me vuelco con el desarrollo de redes, la historia de la creación de Internet y la manera en la que se sigue desarrollando, juntar millones de personas alrededor del mundo para crear los protocolos que la definen no es un trabajo sencillo, esos […]

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