The challenge

Legengraphic is a startup for a creative community that serves as a marketplace for business owners and startups, where project leaders or clients can browse all the available products provided by the platform in different categories, such as Logo and Branding, Advertising Materials, Illustrations, Packaging and Labels, Graphic Designs for web and apps, and many more. We were tasked with creating the full digital experience for their users – branding, web design, and responsive web development.

Our approach

As a rule we take a very holistic approach to every project. Diving into every nook and cranny of our client’s minds and their immediate and long-term goals. In the case of Legengraphic, the client came to us with an incredible business idea that was just starting up. We dove head-first into the extensive but very fruitful process of researching and brainstorming with the client, categorizing, simplifying and sketching the entire digital walls of their digital business. The result was an amazing portal with an amazing audience reception. They loved it!

Mark exploration

The business is all about graphic design and its magic-like properties to bring beautiful ideas to life. We created a mark that was fun, iconic, unique and most importantly, memorable.

The Project idea can be hard to comprehend, so as part of our job, we needed to make the mark’s message be easily digestible by the user. Every decision we make on a design relies heavily in providing a good user experience to our client’s clients, so our main focus during the brainstorming process was to understand our client’s end goal, combine the elements they wanted to include and create a single unified experience.

The resulting mark is direct, easily identifiable, and unique. With the right elements and perfect combination of ideas for user engagement and retention.


The key element of all of the brands we create is how easy they translate into different platforms and settings. We always deliver creative and effective branding solutions that look amazing regardless in digital and print.

The idea of the business was to connect the viewer with a design to fulfil a need. Much like magicians’ hat, the user could select from a varied catalog and find whatever they need, like magic. We creatively combined the mark and name of the brand to make it easily identifiable and relatable to the user.

We used the negative space to create a stronger impact with the hat, name and other brand components to symbolize the variety of elements and potential solutions.

Color Scheme & Typography


Wireframes & Web Design

The end users of this marketplace are completely different. One is the designer who provides the solutions and the other is the client that comes in to the website with the business need. The complexity of the work stems from addressing both users and satisfying all needs.

This first stage of the project was a marketplace focused mainly on the designers, and to establish their dynamic with the user. How the client looking for unique design solutions presents their idea and gets different proposals and potential solutions from interested designers. The client has an access panel where they can easily analyze which option adapts more to their vision in terms of detail, style, colors, lines and any other important design feature.

The client presents the idea and it’s immediately displayed to a wide range of designers that can propose themselves and their designs to any project of their liking and for the right budget.

The client can select the designer of their choice and once the process of selection is completed, a connection is established between both parties, where project details and requirements like briefs, supporting graphics, and timeframes can be discussed privately with internal messaging.

Project description & Publish Designs 

Projects proposals must be presented with delivery dates making it easy for the client to be able to sift through a wide range of designers and levels of experiences.

The client also has the option of categorizing a project by importance with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum options that can help them manage how their job is displayed in the designer boards.

User Profiles and Dashboards

Clean, simple and very user friendly designs that make it simple for Legengraphic users to upload their projects and post their ideas on the website. They easily register, edit their user information, post projects, provide feedback on the projects of others, vote on publications, and even delete their accounts. Everything they need, with an intuitive navigation and flow for information to keep the Legengraphic users happy.

It was important to create a simple user experience for all Profiles and Dashboards to make sure communication between the client and the designer flows freely and effectively.

Web Development

We produce code of the highest quality. Clean, simple and effective lines of code to provide the best experience for the user, and create the most effective digital tools business owners will need.

The main focus on this project was to create a solution for a wide range of countries, including areas with less than excellent connection speed. To achieve this we optimized the website and platform to achieve an excellent page load time to make sure the site was fast, and it could easily load on smaller screens like mobile and tablets.


In the case of Legengraphic, we went mobile first with the design. Every content structure and effect in use was designed with the mobile perspective first.

Each and every one of the projects we create are fully responsive – they across the full range of screens: extra-large, large, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

  • I’m sure they love each of the projects they build, and that drives them to have the best attitude no matter how challenging the project is. An incredible ability to turn concepts and ideas into projects.

    Jose Rodriguez, Legengraphic
  • They've trusted us...

    And we didn't let them down.