The challenge

This is a project that was really close to home, literally. A Venezuelan client approached us with the idea of creating a news website that could filter news by the location of the viewer, so only the most relevant news to an area would show first. The most important aspect of the site, was to enable the user to not only read relevant news, but to report it. Creating a news reporting application with editor to guarantee its quality.

Our approach

The news website aesthetics represents the purpose and brand message effectively, it is clear, real, evocative, meaningful yet still broad enough to appeal to all different types of audiences. It represents the collaborative spirit of the brand and it empowers the readers and users to tell their stories, sometimes even the same story but from very different experiences. The key was to understand this challenge and to give the same important in our design.

User Experience

Notilocal is a large website, with very different types of audience – age, status, political preference, and more – for which we created aesthetics that apply to them all. Leaving no one out. This is a communications platform so every design decision we made was to keep the brand neutral, approachable and open.

Instead of having the “good-old” slider or carousel, we decided to go with a much cleaner and mobile friendly approach: a quick link sidebar area on the top section with hot and related news. Using the cover image a background, creating a unified visual experience for the reader.

The hottest news-worthy elements show prominently and cleanly on its section. The best of all is that nothing competes for attention, and it follows the natural path of the user’s eye during the first visual scan.

User Flow & Content

What makes this news website different is how it empowers any user to tell their story and experience as they see it, and when they see it. Encouraging the visitors to become an active member of their community. With an effective and structured flow of information and easy navigation, the registered user can easily follow Notilocal’s rules of submitting a local story.


Although news portals are very common, the unique idea behind Notilocal present some challenge to explain the process and how it works for new users, authors and visitor in general. We designed unique icons and illustrations that are the perfect companion for the step-by-step explanation process.

Web Design

Notilocal is strategic web design at is best. A website with the characteristics of Notilocal will grow exponentially with time. Due to the large amount of content that will be added to the website, we focused on creating a very clean and airy design. One were nothing feels cluttered and every little corner is planned and accounted for in terms of flow of information. From the most recent news section to the news category placement, everything was carefully thought out and crafted for Notilocal.

How it Works & Other Pages 

A step to step guide is delivered to each user upon registration, and provided on the website for anyone looking to become part of the Notilocal community. Users can read all about the submition, review and editing processes and much more.

Web Development

Each and every one of our development projects is worked from skracth. We don’t use themes, we create custom designs for every project. Adding only exactly the code you need to your website guarantees a fast and clean experience for the user, and an easy to manage website administration backend that works for your business needs.


The Notilocal website not only works perfectly on all devices – mobile, tab, desktop and large screens – but it provides the exact same experience across them all. We design for mobile first, and stem from there to all screen devices. Creating a unified experience and transmitting the same message across every platform.

They've trusted us...

And we didn't let them down.