The challenge

Even after living in one place for several years, most of us are so focused on the day to day that we can ignore what’s around us. This can apply to local fun spots or even workout areas. The idea behind Swisle was to connect people with their surroundings, opening up opportunities for outdoor activities, local courts, gyms, and even find that perfect workout buddy.

Our approach

The key to any successful application start with simplicity. In the app world you have to find a way to get the bear minimum group of elements – images, copy, instructions, and flow – to work effectively for each and every type of user. For Swisle, we created an intuitive interface for iOS with primary focus on the user profile, community communications and social media connections.

Mark exploration

The audience for this kind of application is primarily male, but we didn’t want to risk alienating the female audience, so we used simple, calm and neutral colors. A strong and very clean logotype, with bold typography and two breaking horizontal lines that signify movement and power.

Color Scheme & Typography


App Design

There is an extensive amount of planning that goes into making an application, and the dedication you put into Wireframing and flow analysis pays off in the long run. This case wasn’t any different for us. We went the extra mile, like we always do, working side by side with the client to create an application that it’s very easy to use and even easier to love.

The result was a clean iOS application that it’s very easy to use and achieves its goal: connecting people and workout areas like courts and park, and build a community. The Swisle community.

  • Tarful is a great team of designers and developers, they took care of us and our project, they are amazing in their craft, for startups this is the type of agency we need.

    Ariel Yurman, Swisle
  • They've trusted us...

    And we didn't let them down.